I’ve had my flu jab, have you? – Paul Exley

December 19, 2016 at 12:30 pm

img_9651Hello, my name is Paul – I’m a matron and I work in the Older People’s Inpatient Service at The Mount. This year, like every year, I have had my flu jab. As an NHS employee I think it is really important to protect myself and others by doing this.

Outbreaks of flu can occur in health and social care settings, and because flu is so contagious, staff, visitors and patients are all at risk of infection. People over the age of 65 are at risk of catching flu and of developing serious complications, especially in instances where they are living with other medical conditions as is often the case in the patient group we care for.

All of the wards at The Mount have dedicated peer-to-peer vaccinators. These staff are part of a team of 43 “Flu Fighters” working in the Trust, who as well as doing their busy day jobs offer staff the chance to have their vaccinations. Frontline staff are especially crucial in the fight against flu and I encourage all staff who are able to do so to have their flu jab. I couldn’t do this without doing so myself!

Flu is a virus and can affect anyone, no matter how good your immune system.

Protect yourself, your family, your colleagues and your service users – be a Flu Fighter and get your flu jab!

Paul Exley
Older People’s Inpatient Service, The Mount